Singa imagination

We two live in an air-conditioned island that full of lemon-flavor aromatic. The islanders are terribly weird as their eyes are stuck on screens, their ears are plugged earphones and they walk facing the floor. Sometimes you will hear laughter, but eventually found out it isn't from an actual character. Most of the time you hear ringtones.

The island has been tracking a "suspicious-looking person",every islanders has the duty to report the police if they see the person. But we always don't know who is the one as they never posted the picture of him/her. We guess, posting on the walls is prohibited as "clean and tidy" is the main concern of this island.

The foods are awful at here,although they came from all over the world. Usually in a place for you to grab foods you will see Chinese,Malay,Indian,Japanese,Korean and Western foods, but none of them is as authentic as its name. Plus,the price does not necessarily reflect the tastiness.

Our job is to daydream that one day we can go on exile. To a place without aromatic, air-con, suspicious-looking person and bad foods.

Are we suspicious-looking,then?


NICE!!!! A lot of images surface and tell the story of this island XP

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